2022-2023 Regular Season

Bantam Major CS (2008)


Player Account Phone Email
Brady Andrews Joe Andrews 7736106991 rjandrewsjr@gmail.com
Brady Andrews Amy Andrews 7736106991 amy.andrews@outlook.com
Brady Andrews Brady Andrews 8474041325 bradyandrews88@icloud.com
Erik Bertrandt amal bertrandt 3126078477 amalmelhem@yahoo.com
Erik Bertrandt robert bertrandt 8475710156 robert@mojoboats.se
Pearson Daverman Cory Daverman 4156995531 corydaverman@gmail.com
Pearson Daverman Ben Daverman 4155192093 bendaverman@gmail.com
Joseph Gariti Bob Gariti 773-552-9742 gariti35@gmail.com
Joseph Gariti ritsa gariti 7083698881 ritsagariti@gmail.com
Brody Gowan Dean Gowan 2242210083 gowan310@comcast.net
Jack Hirschtritt Laura Hirschtritt 3129533989 laurahirschtritt@hotmail.com
Jack Hirschtritt Shelly Hirschtritt 312-953-3988 shirschtritt@kirkland.com
Jack Hirschtritt Jack Hirschtritt 3128604441 jackah14@icloud.com
Christopher Janetzko Jim Janetzko 312.523.3773 jtjanetzko@gmail.com
Dane Lohmeier Kristin Lohmeier 5154803135 kristinlohmeier@yahoo.com
Dane Lohmeier Joshua Lohmeier 5157823284 joshua.lohmeier@gmail.com
Duke McGinn Chad McGinn 8472745385 chadmcginn@yahoo.com
Duke McGinn Jennifer McGinn 4404633392 jenmcginn@yahoo.com
Cole Munson Lenny Munson 1-847-714-3520 lennymunson@sbcglobal.net
Cole Munson Amy Munson 8475448872 pipermunson@sbcglobal.net
Cole Munson Cole Munson 8478944891 colemunson54@gmail.com
Cole Munson Cole Munson 8475448872 amunson54@gmail.com
Nolan Naggatz Steven Naggatz 7737931474 snaggatz@wje.com
Nolan Naggatz Michelle Naggatz 773-510-5897 88michlud@gmail.com
Kai Ouyang David Ouyang 847-420-1539 theouyangs@comcast.net
Aris Poulios Dimitri Poulios 3129091044 dimo31@comcast.net
Aris Poulios Emily Poulios 3123395869 ectelling@hotmail.com
Jeffrey Rozanski Jeffrey Rozanski 8472760102 Rozanskibuilders@gmail.com
Lucian Taylor Julian Taylor 7739089691 jtoxossi@gmail.com
Lucian Taylor Maureen Taylor 7739089693 kalunga3@comcast.net
Lucian Taylor Lucian Taylor 224-715-4598 Hockey20lt@gmail.com
Charlie Trapp Macaire Trapp 8477366242 trappfam@hotmail.com
Peter Winslow Ward Winslow 3129612429 edbwinslow@gmail.com
Peter Winslow Tracy Winslow 7733914622 tracymullen@comcast.net
Peter Winslow Petey Winslow 3125337356 peteywins68@icloud.com
Aiden Zanowski Aiden Zanowski 312.451.6275 jzanowski13@gmail.com

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