WHA Refund Policies


  • Refund requests prior to the start of pre-season conditioning—full refund, less 7.5% transaction fee on all refunded dollars.
  • Refund requests after the start of pre-season conditioning—a full refund, less 7.5% transaction fee on all refunded dollars and $325 tryout/conditioning fee.
  • Refund request after the start of conditioning and the player is selected to a high school team before posted to a WHA team (Bantam only)—a full refund, less $325 tryout/conditioning fee.
  • Player not selected for a travel team—a full refund, less $325 tryout/conditioning fee (youth teams) and/or $100 tryout fee (girls teams).
  • Player posted to travel team (refund request prior to 10/1)—a refund, less $325 tryout/conditioning fee, plus 1/3 of the season fee, and 7.5% transaction fee on all refunded dollars.
  • Player posted to travel team (refund request on or after 10/1)—no refund.


  • The full season fee will be refunded if a player is not selected for a travel team. 
  • If a player does not want to be considered for a specific team or if there is a sibling placement request (i.e., your child is only trying out for the first “AA or 1” team and would decline a position on the second “A or 2” team), this information must be communicated to the WHA by submitting this form prior to the start of tryouts. An acknowledgement will be sent once the deceleration is accepted. 
  • To preserve an unbiased tryout system, team declarations are strictly confidential. Do not share this information with any WHA Club members, parents or team coaches. Failure to abide by this confidentiality agreement will result in a forfeit of the policy benefits and no refund.
  • Once a player's name has been posted to a travel team, no refund of the full season fee will be permitted.
  • Any player withdrawing after the start of tryouts, regardless of the reason, will be assessed a $325 tryout/conditioning fee and a 7.5% transaction fee. 
  • Withdrawals prior to tryouts started will be assessed the 7.5% transaction fee only.


  • We recognize having multiple players in one household can get expensive fast. We have teamed up with our sister organization to provide the following discount.
  • If a single household has three (3) players in a Fall Travel league within the Wilmette Hockey Association, a 50% discount will be applied to the least expensive full season registration fee. The discount does not apply to Conditioning/Try out fees or expense funds. The discount will be credited after teams are formed in September/October timeframe.
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