Volunteer Positions for WHA!

The Wilmette Jr. Trevians Club is looking to fill some volunteer roles. Are you an organized, creative and spirited person who can wrangle others to help get things done? If so, you would be perfect, and we would be happy to have you! Contact the WHA Board President, Jeremy Hollis at jeremy.hollis@jrtrevianshockey.com.

Fundraising Committee Lead

We are looking for an individual to take the reins and lead the fundraising efforts for the Wilmette Hockey Club. Wilmette Hockey is a not-for-profit that runs solely on dues, donations, and fundraising. Therefore, we need someone who can rally a group of fellow Trevians parents to come up with and execute new and creative ways to generate money that can help build the program in areas such as coaching, training systems/support, and equipment. This could include selling ad space on the boards at NSIA or for a digital Club yearbook, holding a skate-a-thon, or hosting a ticketed event that brings the community together for fun and games. The ideas could be endless with the right person at the helm.

Team Store and Apparel Lead

We are looking for an individual or group of individuals who can take on the task of organizing, coordinating, and growing the apparel offerings for the Wilmette Hockey Club. This role includes managing vendor relationships to produce and sell apparel in a Team Store; coming up with new apparel ideas that would appeal to our club and working on the designs with the vendor; and working with the Marketing & Communications Director to advertise the Team Store ordering windows to the club on the website, via email, and on the club’s social channels. This role/group can be creative and imaginative to make the Wilmette Jr. Trevians the most stylish club on the North Shore.

Events Committee Lead

We are looking for an individual to take on the great honor of being master of ceremonies for events hosted by the Wilmette Hockey Club. This organized and energetic person will recruit other Jr. Trevians families and parents to coordinate key events throughout the season—such as our season kick-off event, fall spirit day, picture day, and equipment exchange. This means working with local business to support with in-kind donations, discounted products, etc. This person will coordinate often with the Fundraising Committee Lead to ensure that is an element of most events. Willingness to think outside the box will be key, but regardless of the event, you will not be alone and can garner the support form others in the club.