Coaches Code of Conduct


The Wilmette Hockey Association, in accordance with our hockey affiliations, adopts and adheres to all aspects of the Zero Tolerance Policy. To make ice hockey a more desirable and rewarding experience for all participants, we have a very simple definition of Zero Tolerance: Any lack of respect or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be a violation of this policy. Unsportsmanlike conduct can include several actions, some of which are swearing, yelling at officials, taunting and fighting. The Zero Tolerance Policy applies to players, coaches, team officials, parents and spectators equally both on and off the ice.


Coaches must be aware that his/her conduct is not only a reflection on himself/herself but also on their team and the WHA more broadly. Coaches will be held to the Zero Tolerance Policy at any time they are attending any type of WHA/team event or gathering.

  • Coaches will focus on providing an environment that encourages teamwork and fairness.
  • Coaches will be responsible for watching out for player safety as well as maintaining discipline on the team. This includes time on the ice as well as off the ice.
  • The coach will communicate with parents early and often when behavioral issues arise.
  • Coaches will provide a healthy balance of praise to criticism in providing feedback to the team and players.
  • Coaches will always conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing the WHA.
  • Coaches will treat all players fairly.
  • Coaches will not physically or verbally abuse any of his players, referees or spectators.

Disciplinary Action for Coaches

  • The Director of Coaching will investigate all reported or observed violations committed by Coaches. The Director of Coaching will communicate raised issues with the WHA President and Travel Director.
  • The Director of Coaching will have the authority to discipline the coach involved, or with the concurrence of the WHA Executive Board, to terminate the coach if deemed necessary.
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