WHA Logo Use Policy

It’s up to all of us, as part of the Wilmette Hockey Association (WHA) to manage and maintain the strength of the Wilmette Hockey and Jr. Trevians brands. Please ensure that you are using this page as a guide whenever you are creating materials or products for the team/club.

All Jr. Trevians logos are the proprietary right of the WHA and may not be reproduced or altered without prior written consent of the WHA Board of Directors. We are committed to consistency and uniformity for "identity/branding" of the association. Therefore, no alterations of the original design will be endorsed for entities outside of WHA for apparel or online, print or other forms of communication (posters, merchandise, etc.).

If your team would like to use the Jr. Trevians logo for any reason, we require that you first get permission from the Communications lead on the board. This approval will NOT give you blanket authority to use the logo, but rather for the specifics of one particular request.

Our apparel provider is humanKIND, so any team wishing to develop a team-specific piece of apparel MUST submit their request. No one may profit from the sale of this apparel and it must not alter our required uniform in any way. All apparel must conform to Jr. Trevians standards. Poor taste, poor quality or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Wilmette Jr. Trevians Brand Colors & Font


Gotham HTF Medium (ALL CAPS)

aka Gotham Medium

Dark Blue:

CMYK: C94%, M79%, Y46%, K47%

RGB: R22, G44, B68

HEX: #162C44

Light Gray:

CMYK: C19%, M15%, Y16,% K0%

RGB: R206, G204, B203


Middle Gray:

CMYK: C39%, M32%, Y32,% K0%x

RGB: R161, G160, B160

HEX: #A1A0A0

Dark Gray:

CMYK: C0%, M0%, Y0,% K100%

RGB: R35, G31, B32

HEX: #231F20

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